Conservation services

Critchlow and Kukkonen Ltd offers conservation and restoration services for easel paintings from all periods in a variety of media and supports. We can treat paintings ranging in size from miniature to very large scale. Our complete range of services include:

  • Conservation and restoration: detailed condition reports | surface cleaning | varnish removal | consolidation of paint layers | treatment of canvas distortions | tear mending | strip-lining & lining | filling losses | retouching | varnishing | conservation framing & glazing | preventative treatments | documentation & photography
  • Technical examination of paintings: ultraviolet light | binocular microscopy | pigment analysis
  • Preparation and documentation for exhibition & loan
  • Estimates and surveys of collections | advice for display and storage conditions | disaster response | talks and lectures. 


Located in the south of Sheffield, the studio is easily accessible to visitors with small paintings as well as lorries delivering bigger works of art.  The spacious studio and specialist equipment make it possible for us to treat very large scale paintings and carry out structural treatments including linings. We also make sure that any paintings in the studio are safe and have installed electronic and physical security systems that match museum specifications.